Google Maps can sometimes be confusing.  So I want to give personal directions to aid in your travel.

If you are traveling I-35N, exit University Parks and go right.

If you are traveling I-35S, exit University Parks and make a left ( which will take you under I-35)

Continue traveling on University Parks toward Baylor.

You will pass the Ferrell Center (domed facility on your left).  Continue on Univ. Parks as you cross over LaSalle at the light.  There will be several apartment complexes on either side.

Continue as you curve, reaching Loop 340.  Make a left at the 2nd stop sign as you go under Loop 340.

You are now on the 340 Loop feeder.  Make a right turn at the 1st street (the only way to turn).

This is 3rd Street Road.  You will see a huge apartment complex on your right.

Follow 3rd Street Road for about 4 miles.  You will pass the Downsville Volunteer Fire Department on your left and the church is just a little further down on your left.

Congratulations!  You have reached your destination:

Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, 8387 S. 3rd Street Road,  Waco (Downsville), Tx